Other Significant Areas

Both villages lie within the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and, enhanced by their elevated position, offer stunning views for villagers and visitors alike.  These views extend over many
miles to the south and south-east and those to the west, in the vicinity of the war memorial, are exceptional.  Views north toward the Ridgeway can be enjoyed from Woodhay Road.

Areas of High Archaeological Potential (AHAP), Areas of Archaeological Importance (AAI) and Areas of Archaeological Potential (AAP) are terms used to identify parts of the country where it is known that buried archaeology is likely to survive.

There are three AHAPs, centred on the farms along the main thoroughfare of Ashmansworth, and between these sites is land designated as AAIs.  The area around the large focus of houses at the northern end of Ashmansworth and the areas around St James’ Church and Lower Manor Farm are AHAPs, connected by Areas of Archaeological Potential (AAP) which straddle the road.

To find out more and view a map of the areas visit Ashmansworth.