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You'll find lots of useful information about our north Hampshire parish, which encompasses the villages of Ashmansworth and Crux Easton.

Ashmansworth village view

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Clerk and Councillors

For details of our current councillors and Clerk please visit Council Information, Councillors

Parish Council Meetings

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 6th August.        

The minutes of our previous meeting on 22nd May can be found here. 

Planning Guidelines

Your parish council is often asked how we judge planning applications. We don’t
approve them, but give local advice to Basingstoke. We have written our own new guidance document which we will use to evaluate applications.

The Parish Council planning guidelines may be viewed here.

Further parish council procedures and polices may be viewed here.  

Parish Council News 

We have an updated Emergency Plan. Please click here to view it.  

Our parish lengthsman has just installed a much needed replacement stile at the churchyard.




 Thanks greatly to the fundraising efforts of Cllr Burch, the parish council has now purchased and installed a defibrillator to the outside of the village hall.


We have recently had the Phone box at Crux Easton re-painted and cleaned and it looks fantastic!

 For further general village news please click here.


Local Websites of interest :

Welcome to St James' 

Please click here for welcome! 

Ashmansworth & District Horticultural Society

Our long established society now has a website giving details about itself and its events.


Joanna is now running Yoga classes on Wednesday mornings 0900 to 1015. Contact her on 07970 166675 or hello@RealMeYoga.co.uk 

If you have any ideas about an exercise class that might be popular please contact Mike Sarson (01635 250533).

Ash Dieback

If you are concerned about the recent threat of Ash Dieback disease, click here for details and here for symptoms.

We are asked to lend our support to the IF campaign. Click here to read all about it!