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Clerk and Councillors

For details of our current councillors and Clerk please visit Council Information, Councillors

Parish Council Meetings

We held our Annual Parish Meeting on 11th May, when the chairman reported to everyone what had happened during the past year and debated future plans. Greatest interest from those present was the poor state of Broadband in our parish and what was planned to improve this. We also welcomed reports from our Borough and County Councillors. Please follow this link for the report and presentation.

Ashmansworth Parish Council will hold its next meeting on Tuesday January 10th.  

The minutes of our previous meeting on 16th November can be found here.  

Please click on the attached link in relation to the Notice of Conclusion of Audit and our Annual Return for 2016.  

Please note that we now have a page for Police Alerts, which are all very practical and frequently updated. Do keep an eye on them!

Welcome to St James' 

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Hot News 

We have recently had the Phone box at Crux Easton re-painted and cleaned and it looks fantastic!



Well attended celebrations for the Queen's 90th Birthday



November 2015

We have for some time been concerned at the risk to our most widespread tree from Ash Dieback Disease, so the Woodland Trust kindly came to visit us on 7th November bringing hundreds of saplings for us to plant, both potentially to replace trees that may not last for many years and also hedging and other small trees. This was hugely popular, especially with the children who planted around 100 metres of hedging at the recreation ground on a wet and windy day! Many thanks to Prue Rankin and others for organising this event, including an excellent lunch.


  Ashmansworth & District Horticultural Society
Our long established society now has a website giving details about itself and its events.

Please support this monthly event which helps to provide funds for the Village Hall. See Events Calendar for next date.

 We hope to be able to re-launch Zumba or another class sometime. If you have any ideas about an exercise class that might be popular please contact Mike Sarson (01635 250533).

  Planning Guidelines
Your parish council is often asked how we judge planning applications. We don’t
approve them, but give local advice to Basingstoke. We have written our own new guidance document which we will use to evaluate applications.

The new Parish Council planning guidelines are now complete. and may be viewed here

We are asked to lend our support to the IF campaign. Click here to read all about it!

If you are concerned about the recent threat of Ash Dieback disease, click here for details and here for symptoms.